Happy Avocados

100% Organic


Happy Avocados are organically grown Hass and Lamb Hass avocados.


Bugs are controlled by organic methods, and each piece of fruit is clipped off the stem and handled with care to ensure that our customers receive only the best fruit available.


Great taste!

No pesticides

No chemicles

Environmentally friendly


Family Farm


Happy Avocados are grown on 28 acres of land in beautiful Camarillo, CA, which is about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles.


Happy Avocados is a family farm, currently with two generations of family tending to the farm’s daily needs.


Keeping the culture of the orchard and the quality of the fruit is a family tradition.


The Happy Avocados farm is working to stimulate our local economy and support local small family farms while providing the consumer with high-quality, locally-grown, organic and pesticide-free  produce at a reasonable cost.




At the Happy Avocado farm, each tree is pruned by hand, weeds are removed by hand and without the use of dangerous chemicals.


We pick your fruit on the day it is shipped, ensuring the freshest fruit, best taste and top quality delivered to your door.


They will be ready to eat within 2-4 days of receipt



Hass avocados show their ripeness when they yield to gentle pressure when squeezed and also by changing color from green to purple-black.

Firm avocados will ripen at room temperature, or you can speed the ripening process by storing them in a paper bag for a few days at room temperature.

Ripe avocados should be refrigerated until they are eaten.


Try them and they will make your tastebuds Happy!